These are some of the websites I made. I’ve tried using different styles, and I continue to experiment with new scripts and manners of setting up pages. Click on the preview images to visit the sites, or to see an archived version of it, should the site no longer exist.

My latest project was the website of the trumpet player Olaf Frijns. For this site, I also used WordPress. I created a custom header, and added some plugins to enable visitors to hear fragments of Olaf playing trumpet. I also added a guestbook and a contact form, so visitors can leave messages for him.
This is the website of the band I play in, Harmonie St. Michael. I’ve used WordPress to create it, and customized a skin I found so it would have the colours of our band. I wanted an interactive site, so all members of the band could leave messages, and the board members could post newsitems for all to read. WordPress provided the perfect base for this, and all I had to do was customize it and add content.
The Limburgse Jagers is not only an existing Dutch army regiment, it’s also the name of a guild in the MMORPG Guild Wars. It’s like a gaming clan, which I started with a fellow member of my band. We founded it in june 2005, and I created a website for this guild, which you can visit by clicking the thumbnail. It was made by using Photoshop CS and mostly notepad, although I do use Frontpage occasionally for simple text editing.
R.I.P. (or Raymond’s Index Page) was a site I made for myself, using Photoshop CS, notepad and javascript, to have some kind of structure in all the sites I made. I kind of lost count, and I wanted to show people my sites, so I created One site to Rule them all, One site to Find them, One site to Bring them all, and in the darkness Bind them… Or something like that ^^. It is no longer kept up-to-date, as I now have this site as my main website.
Mat’s Place is the site I made for my father, Mathieu Haaken. He had just moved to Spain back then, and he still wanted to be in contact with his friends and family, not only through mail, but also through pictures he could show on his website. So he would mail me pictures, and I’d place them on his site. I decided to make it a tropical looking site, to reflect the country he was living in: Spain.
In 2006 my father asked me if I could build a website for the “Clochards”, a group of friends that call themselves clochards (the French word for tramp) during the celebration of carnaval, and dress themselves as shaggy-looking as possible. The dirtier the better, but all in good fun. Carnaval is the time where everyone can be anything but themselves, and for my dad and his fellow clochards, who all have respectable jobs in normal life, this is the way to celebrate. And of course having a website to show all other carnaval loving people your snapshots is a good way to share the fun.
After I graduated from college at the Eindhoven University of Technology, I moved back from Eindhoven to my home city Maastricht. I found a nice little apartment in a suburb called Heugem. This apartment was one of 11 apartments in one restored old farmhouse. My fellow inhabitants and I decided it would be fun if we named the place, and have a website for it as well. So “Heugemly Hills” was born. I’ve stopped maintaining the site a few years ago due to time issues, but it’s still nice to browse the pages just for old times sake.
During my first year of college, I was truly fascinated by the internet and the websites people made. A fellow student showed me his, and showed me the basics of creating one. After a lot of messing around, I finally made my first ever website: “Raymond’s Mestreechter Homepage” (Raymond’s Maastricht Homepage). It wasn’t really about Maastricht, but it was written in the Maastricht dialect. It’s a personal site with pictures, information about me and my hobbies and the things that generally interested me back then. I added an English translation later on, so if you do not master the Maastricht language, go visit the English pages ;).
Carnaval has always been one of my favourite festivals of the year. After having made my first website (see above), I decided I should try to make a webring with which I could gather as much carnaval websites from Limburg as possible. So I made a simple one-page website, De Limburgse Vastelaovend Webring, with an explanation of the idea, some pictures, and a guestbook. Then I started searching for carnaval-related websites from Limburg on the net, and mailed all of them. Promptly I received many positive reactions, and the webring started to grow. Although I no longer actively maintain the site, I still get new subscribers every year during the months before carnaval.
A college friend of mine once asked me if I could make a website for his girlfriend Mai-Lin, who is quite a talented artist. She made a little money during her studies by painting and selling these paintings. Unfortunately she didn’t have any means of promoting her work, so a website was an obvious choice. She sent me photographs of her work, and told me what kind of look she was aiming for. I created a simple, black, yet elegant site for her, and she was quite happy with it.
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