A new phenomenon has arisen in Maastricht at the local boardgaming club: the “Boardie”. What on Earth is a boardie, you ask? Let me tell you its history…

Me and a group of friends who all like playing boardgames come together about twice a month at a local pub to play some games. I always like to shoot some pictures with my phone of all the games that were played on such evenings. The next day I post them on facebook and share what we played and sometimes also what we thought of a new game. I take care to shoot just the games on the table, and not the faces of the people playing, so I can post them online without anyone objecting. Not everyone wants to be posted all over the net.

Now, our group is a little… “different”. We have a member who likes to be in these pictures. At all costs. And so it happened one night that we were playing some games, and while I was trying to get a good shot of the gameboard, Guido’s face suddenly appeared in the top corner of my picture. This of course looked quite funny, and he continued doing this with just about all games we played that night.

It didn’t take long for this to become a thing. And this thing needed a name. Thus, on 23-01-2016 the “boardie” was born!

Don’t forget to post your boardies, and name the pictures accordingly! Here are some examples of: “Boardie at House on the Hill”, “Boardie to Ride”, “Five Boardies” and “Elder Boardie”.