Last night I had my first HeroQuest game with some of my best friends! I played Morcar, and my wife played the Elf. My friends played the other heroes. It was a great success! Up until now, I had only played with my wife and her parents, and my wife would be the DM. But this was a great experience! I set up the gaming table, and we played the Goblin Caves, a beginners quest from the Starter Pack by a guy named Carlos, hosted on Phoenix’s website. It was a perfect beginners mission, way more interesting than the Maze.

My friends loved the game, especially Dick who was playing the Barbarian. He really got into his role hahaha. The dice tower also was a nice touch, they were quite impressed 😀

They started to spread out a bit, but my wife stuck with the Wizard, having more experience with the game, and urged the others to stay together. Of course, the Dwarf and Barbarian wanted to loot and plunder once they fully understood the searching for treasure rules, and I managed to do quite some damage with my goblins. But it wasn’t a hard quest, and in the end they prevailed. I had a good time seeing them miss many an attack, and my small goblins didn’t even have to defend haha. The Wizard used all the damaging fire spells and even the Genie on the last goblin standing: only 1 skull rolled, but I was bad at rolling black shields, so all her spells worked.

Next up is the Rescue of Sir Ragnar!

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