Another new quest has lead our 4 brave heroes to a new challenge: The Cold Halls.
The heroes equip themselves with 3 new chainmails, giving them a total of 5 defense dice, except for the Wizard, who still has 4. They all but a toolkit for traps, and head inside.
As out heroes enter the first room, they see two mummies and 3 zombies inside. The Barbarian immediately rushes in to attack one of the mummies. It manages to ward off one hitpoint, but it’s not enough, as the Barbarian hit him for two points with his Spirit Blade. The mummie falls to the floor.
The Wizard uses his staff do perform a diagonal attack from outside the room on one of the zombies, but it blocks the attack.
The Dwarf heads in for the second mummie, and scores a solid hit, killing the monster with one fell blow.
The zombies are now fully alert, and smell blood, so the Elf steps up and shoots one down.
One zombie, without legs, crawls towards the Dwarf, as that’s the only hero he can easily reach, much to the amusement of the others, and attacks. The Dwarf blocks the attack.
The second remaining zombie attacks the Barbarian, but he easily wards off the creature’s flailing limbs.
He immediately strikes back at it, chopping its head off. The Wizard walks in, but lets the Dwarf handle the last zombie.
The Elf searches the room for hidden traps, but finds none. Now the Barbarian enters the next door, and finds only a circular room. He walks in, followed by the Wizard. The Dwarf searches the previous room for treasure, and finds a spell scroll with a heal body spell. Then he also walks into the round chamber, along with the Elf.
The door closes behind them, and a rumbling sound is heard…
The door opens again, and the Barbarian heads out. It’s the same room they came from, so he uses his movement to head back inside.
The Wizard rolls 5, and sees the door opening again, but this time into a new room, filled with 4 zombies! He decides to stay inside.
The Dwarf rolls one, and notices the door opening into the first room again.
The Elf also rolls 5, and is too afraid to enter the mummie-filled room alone, so skips her turn as well…
Now, the Barbarian rolls 5, and bravely enters the room. He rolls 6 movement, so he’s got enough steps to reach the corner next to the cabinet. He decides that’s the best spot to ward off the mummies, and take them on one by one, so he waits there.
The Wizard skips another turn, and the Dwarf rolls 6, and heads into a new corridor, with 3 zombies waiting there. He attacks the first zombie, but misses!
The Elf rolls 3, and sees the door opening into yet another corridor. She doesn’t want to get too far from the others, so she skips her turn.
Now one of the mummies attacks the Barbarian, rolling two skulls. But the Barbarian defends with 3 shields, so takes no damage. The other mummies crowd in on him. The zombie attacks the Dwarf, rolling 3 skulls, and the Dwarf only manages to block 2 hits, taking 1 damage.
Now the Barbarian swings his Spirit Blade at the first mummie, and cuts it in half. The Wizard rolls 6, and spots the Dwarf’s backside, blocking the way out… He skips another turn.
The Dwarf attacks his zombie again, this time killing it successfully. The Elf rolls another 3, so decides to wait it out once more.
One of the mummies scores a solid hit versus the Barbarian, taking away a body point. A second zombie attacks the Dwarf, but misses.
The Barbarian finds he’s feeling cramped in his little corner, and can’t swing his sword very well, and misses his attack on a mummie.
The Wizard rolls 2, and seeing the first room again, skips yet another turn. Now the Dwarf kills the second zombie, but stays there, waiting for the last one to come to him.
The Elf rolls 5, and sees the Barbarian stuck in a corner, with 3 mummies on him. She walks in, and shoots one mummie, but it dodges both her crossbowbolts.
Now the mummie near the Barbarian attacks again for 2 skulls, but the Barbarian has taken advantage of his tight spot, and rolls 5 shields!
A second mummie attacks the Elf, and takes one body point from her.
The Barbarian learns quickly (on account of his Talisman of Lore), and stabs the mummie in front of him in the head with his blade. It dies on the spot. Two mummies left!
The Wizard rolls 4, and finally sees his friends. He steps in, and attacks one mummie with his staff, scoring one hit, which turns out to be enough to kill it! Huzzah!
The Dwarf now steps forward a bit, as the zombie did not advance during the last round, to leave room for his friends to follow him.
The Elf shoots at the last mummie, but misses!
It attacks the Barbarian, unaware of the Elf’s attack, but our hero blocks again, taking no damage. Now the last zombie crawls towards the Dwarf, and hits for one BP of damage.
Now our Barbarian friend finally kills the last mummie, allowing the Wizard to search for hidden doors and traps. A secret door opens behind the Barbarian.
While the Dwarf kills the last zombie, the Elf heads into the hidden room behind the wardrobe, expecting to find Narnia, but she only sees a chest.
The Barbarian searches the mummie-room for treasure, and finds some holy water in the closet!
He heads back into the revolving room, followed by the Wizard.
The Dwarf searches the corridor for hidden traps and doors, and discovers a secret door to the central room. As he peeks inside, he only spots a stairway.
The Elf searches for traps in the hidden room with the chest, but finds nothing. She heads towards the chest.
The Barbarian and the Wizard only manage to roll a 1 and a 4, revealing only the rooms they’ve already been to, so they both skip their turn. The Dwarf searches the central room for traps, but finds none. He heads back into the corridor, and onto the next door.
The Elf finds 300 gold in the chest, and heads back to the revolving room.
The Barbarian rolls 2, and the room opens into a new corridor! He heads out as the doors align, and searches the small hallway for traps, but finds nothing. There’s a door leading into another room. The Wizard and the Dwarf await the rest and skip their turns. The Elf reaches the rotating room. The Barbarian walks on into the new room, and sees a tomb guarded by two chaos warriors. He doesn’t have enough movement left to reach one, so he has to wait. The Wizard rolls another 2, and is forced to wait once more. The Dwarf meanwhile opens the door to the next room, but finds it to be empty. He looks for hidden traps and doors, but the room remains empty.
The Elf rolls a 3, and follows the Barbarian into the tomb room. She has a clear line of sight with one of the chaos warriors, so she fires her crossbow, and kills him on the spot!
The remaining chaos warrior attacks the barbarian, rolling 2 skulls, but the Barbarian rolls 2 shields, and remains unharmed. He attacks back, and barely kills the chaos warrior. The Wizard rolls another 5 and remains in the revolving room again…
The Dwarf decides to search his room for treasure, and finds a healing potion! He heads for the next door, and opens it into another corridor.
The Elf searches the tomb room for hidden traps and doors, and discovers a door into another room. A chaos warrior is inside, and walks out, heading straight for the intimidating Barbarian. Caught by surprise, he suffers one damage at the fiend’s hands. He attacks back, but only scores one skull, which the heavily armoured chaos warrior blocks. Finally, the Wizard rolls 6, and heads out after the Dwarf. The Dwarf heads into the next corridor, searching for traps, but it’s safe. Now the Elf heads for the chaos warrior, keeping shooting distance, and fires her crossbow. One of her bolts slips inbetween the armourplates of the chaos warrior, and hits a vital spot. He crumbles to the floor.
The Barbarian now walks into the room with the sorcerer’s table, and carefully checks for traps, but finds nothing. While the Wizard follows the Dwarf’s path, the Dwarf reaches the end of the corridor. He searches the left and right passages for hidden traps and doors, setting off a spear trap, and opening 4 secret doors… An eerie grating sound follows, and 4 heavy thuds. A foul air rushes into the hallways. The Elf finds 300 gold in the room with the sorcerer’s table, and the Barbarian heads back to the tomb, and searches the room and the tomb for treasure. A sparkling mist emerges from the tomb, and fills the room. It apparently has no effect on him.
The Dwarf now walks up to the first hidden door at his left, and sees a skeletal figure insode, standing next to an opened tomb. This is a Spirit Rider! A particularly nasty undead creature… The Wizard walks up to the Dwarf, so he can assist with his staff or a spell if needed.
The Spirit Rider walks up to the Dwarf, and lets out a bone chilling shriek, and rolls 4 skulls! The Dwarf nearly wets his chainmail pants, and rolls only one shield, taking 3 damage! As the Elf and Barbarian make their way back to the revolving room, the Wizard enchants the Dwarf with Courage, granting him 2 extra attack dice on his next attack.
The Dwarf rolls his dice, and rolls only 2 skulls. The Spirit Rider rolls 2 black shields, and wards of the attack entirely. Such a waste of a good spell, the Wizard thinks. The Spirit Rider attacks again, scoring another body point of damage to the Dwarf. He uses his healing potion, healing up to six body points again.
Now the Wizard uses his staff to attack the Spirit Rider, and actually scores one hit. But the undead monster isn’t dead yet. He still has 2 body points remaining! These guys are tough!
The Barbarian and Elf meanwhile reach the revolving room, and the Dwarf attacks again. This time he scores 2 hits, and the Rider cannot defend against them, so it falls apart on the dungeon floor. One down, 3 to go!
The Barbarian rolls a lucky 6, and jumps into the corridor, trying to catch up with the others. The Wizard searches the first room for traps, but finds nothing. The Dwarf looks for treasure, and finds a potion of dexterity. He heads for the next room on the left, where a second Spirit Rider awaits.
The Elf is also in luck, and rolls a 6, so she too can go after the others. The new Spirit Rider attacks the Dwarf who so rudely has awakened it from its eternal sleep, and rolls 3 skulls versus 2 shields, dealing 1 body point of damage.
As the Barbarian and Elf close in on the others, the Wizard uses his Fire of Wrath spell on the Spirit Rider, with success! It is now down to 2 body points. The Dwarf attacks, but misses… The Rider attacks back, and deals two more points of damage.
By now the Barbarian has reached the Dwarf, but can’t attack the Spirit Rider. The Wizard uses his Heal Body spell on the Dwarf, healing him back to seven body points. And so the Dwarf, with renewed strength, attacks once more, scoring a solid hit. Only one BP left! The Dwarf decides the Barbarian is better equipped with the Spirit Blade, so he makes way for him to attack, and steps back. Now the evil Spirit Rider attacks the Barbarian, but with a 2 versus 2 roll, he takes no damage. The Barbarian rolls a 1 versus 1 attack, dealing no damage as well. The Elf meanwhile reaches door number three, and shoots her crossbow into the room at the third Spirit Rider, scoring 3 skulls versus zero black shields, felling the creature right away in one blow! “And that’s how it’s done men!” she smiles.
The second Spirit Rider attacks the Barbarian again, but is easily blocked.
The Barbarian follows up the attack, and scores 2 solid hits with his blade, reducing the Rider to a pile of bones as well. Only one left!
The Wizard decides it’s his turn to kill one of the foul creatures as well, and uses his Genie spell on the last one. Four skulls versus one black shield means death to the last Spirit Rider.
The Dwarf Finds a potion of rejuvenation, and the Elf triggers a hidden spike trap, but nothing interesting happens after this, so the foursome heads for the center room with the staircase and head out, to face yet another adventure! Stay tuned!!!

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