Wederom een nieuw avontuur van de HeroQuest helden. Deze keer gaan ze naar de burcht van de Heksenmeester:

Our heroes have had a short vacation after defeating the forces of Kellar’s Keep, but now Mentor has called upon them once more. Apparently the evil Witch Lord is not dead, and has amassed an undead army. And so out heroes take up arms and head for the Gate of Doom…
New cards have been added to the game, with chaos spells for chaos sorcerers, potions and scrolls in 2 new decks, and some extra artifacts. Snacks and drinks are brought to the table, so the adventure is ready to begin!

Upon entering the Witch Lord’s stronghold in Kalos, the heroes spot a skeleton across the hallway. The Elf steps inside, and fires her crossbow, killing the skeleton.
Two doors flank the hallway, and the Barbarian heads in, and searches for traps. He finds a pit trap right in front of him, but he forgot to bring a toolkit, so he cannot disable the trap. The Wizard can’t do anything about it either, so the Dwarf tries to jump over it, so he can disable it from the other side on an unoccupied square. He fails to jump over and falls in, losing one body point.
The Elf is up next, but also fails to jump over the pit, and falls in with the Dwarf.
During the next round, the Dwarf closes the pit trap, and our adventurers can continue. He opens the northern door in the hallway, but then the south door also opens, and more doors in those rooms open, revealing many undead laying in ambush!
The Elf can just spot a skeleton diagonally, so she fires and scores 2 skulls, but the skeleton rolls 2 black shields in defence, and survives the attack!
Skeletons start crowding the heroes, blocking the entrances to both doors. The Dwarf is in front of them, and is attacked by 2 skeletons.
Fortunately, he blocks the first attack, and the second skeleton misses him. Now the Wizard uses his staff to attack one of the skeletons, and kills it! The Dwarf also kills one skeleton, and now the Elf can shoot diagonally again, killing a third skeleton.
More skeletons push on, and attack the poor Dwarf again. But again he manages to block one attack, and the other one misses him.
The Wizard attacks one of the new skeletons, but misses. The Dwarf attacks too, and kills a skeleton. He takes a few steps back, and waits behind the Wizard. The Elf also steps back, taking refuge behind the Barbarian. Now a Chaos warrior walks into the corridor, followed by another skeleton. The warrior attacks the Barbarian, scoring 1 hit. The skeleton attacks the Wizard, but he deftly blocks the attack.
Now the Barbarian can finally attack too, and swings his mighty sword at the chaos warrior, who fails to defend and dies on the spot. The Wizard hits the skeleton with his staff, and also kills his assailant.
He takes a few steps back, to let the Dwarf take the next foe down. So the Dwarf walks back to the doors again, so he and the Barbarian can take out the undead enemies one by one.
Another skeleton walks out of the room, and attacks the Barbarian, who takes one point of damage. Angered by this pesky skeleton, he strikes it down with his Spirit Blade, and it falls to the ground.
More skeletons head towards the doors from the rooms, and one of them attacks the Dwarf, but misses.
The Barbarian strikes it down immediately. The other heroes decide to stand their ground, and let the enemies come to them, as this tactic has worked well before.
But now a mummy walks out and attacks the Barbarian. He can block the attack, and takes no damage, but strikes back with a backhand swing, following through from his parry, and decapitates the mummy.
The Elf is feeling brave, and upon rolling 11 movement points, she runs into the red room with the mummies, and fires her crossbow at the first mummie she sees. It manages to dodge her bolt though, and lives to fight another turn!
More skeletons move in, and one attacks the Dwarf for 2 points, but he rolls 2 white shields and takes no damage. Another one attacks the Elf from behind, but misses.
The Barbarian kills another skeleton, and the Wizard kills one of the mummies with a Fire of Wrath spell. The Dwarf heads into the southern room to attack the last skeleton there, but misses!
The Elf takes a step away from the skeleton behind her, and fires her bow. The skeleton drops to the ground. The skeleton next to the Dwarf attacks him, but the Dwarf is prepared, and blocks easily.
The Barbarian steps inbetween the doors, to block more undead coming in from the northern room.
The Wizard walks into the south room, to aid the others, and kills the skeleton with his staff. The Dwarf looks at him and says “I could’ve killed it on me own, longshanks”. “Don’t mention it” says the Wizard with a wink. To prove his point, the Dwarf head to the north room, and attacks the nearest skeleton, but misses… The Wizard hides a smirk.
The Elf is now free to search the red room for hidden traps and doors, but finds nothing.
Two skeletons from the north room attack the Barbarian and the Dwarf, but both miss.
While the Barbarian kills his skeleton, the Wizard searches the south room for traps and secret doors, but finds nothing, and heads to the hallway again.

The Dwarf, hearing the Wizard approaching, quickly dispatches his skeleton. “Hah.” he mumbles.
The Elf now heads into the north room too, and fires her bow through the next door at a zombie, who’s standing there aimlessly. It can’t block both darts, and dies.
A skeleton attacks the Elf, but both his hits are blocked by the nimble Elf.
Now the Barbarian misses his attack, so the Wizard walks in, and uses his staff diagonally again, but the skeleton wards off his swing.

The Dwarf takes a step forward, and promptly falls into a pit trap. So that’s why these zombies didn’t walk out that green room…
The Elf takes a step back to shoot the skeleton, but her attack is blocked. The skeleton attacks the Barbarian, stealing another bodypoint.
Enraged, he utterly smashes the skeleton. The Wizard searches the room for more traps, but finds none. “Just my luck” the Dwarf says, as he disables the pit trap.

The Elf runs into the green room, turns around, and fires her crossbow at one of the remaining two zombies, and kills it.
The last zombie attacks the Wizard, and scores two body points of damage! The Barbarian quickly kills the zombie, before he can do any more damage.
The Wizard decides to head into the green room, and searches for traps and hidden doors, but finds none.
The Dwarf searches for treasure, feeling secure now all enemies are dead, but is caught in a spike trap!
The Elf searches for treasure in the green room, and finds 50 gold. The Dwarf grumbles something…
The Barbarian walks back to the south room, and finds 50 gold as well. More grumbling from the Dwarf. He decides to head to the red room, so he can also search for treasure, and finds… A hidden monster! It’s a chaos warrior, who prompty attacks him, taking another body point from the poor Dwarf.
The Elf meanwhile heads into the next corridor, searches for traps and secret doors, but finds nothing.
The Chaos warrior attacks again, but the Dwarf manages to block both his strikes. The Barbarian runs to the Dwarf’s aid, attacking the chaos warrior, but misses!
The Wizard follows, but doens’t reach them.
The Dwarf now attacks the chaos warrior, but his attack is blocked, and so he flees.
The Elf sees a door, and opens it. A zombie looks up, and starts shambling toward her… She fires, but misses!
The Chaos warrior scores another hit on the Barbarian. THe Barbarian attacks back, but the evil warrior blocks easily. Seeing this is no easy fight, the Wizard uses his Genie spell to kill the fiend.
As the heroes start to follow the Elf, she manages to kill the zombie in the small room.
The Wizard uses his Healing Earth spell on the battered Dwarf.
The Elf prudently searches the tile behind the door for traps, and finds a speartrap, that goes off harmlessly.
As the others catch up, the Dwarf searches the small room for other traps, but finds none.
The Elf now heads towards the next door, and finds two more zombies inside. “This place is swarming with undead!” she yells, and fires her crossbow into the first zombie’s eye.

The remaining zombie attacks the Elf, and takes one body point from her.
The Wizard walks up next to the Elf, and uses his staff to attack the zombie, and kills it.
The Dwarf still wants to find some treasure, so he searches the small room, but finds another trap!
A cry of frustration emerges from the small room.
The Elf meanwhile checks the tile in the door to the yellow room for traps, and finding none, she heads in.
While the Barbarian searches the small corridor for traps, the Wizard searches the wide hallway to the south for traps as well. Two speartraps go off harmlessly.
The Dwarf heads south as the Elf searches the rest of the yellow room for traps. She finds nothing here.
The Barbarian is at the next turn, and finds a hidden door to a room with a treasure chest.
The Wizards follows him, and heads in, searching for traps and hidden doors. A secret door opens, and 3 mummies are discovered in the next room.
The Wizard starts to sweat, and calls for the Barbarian “You better get in here quick!”
The Dwarf reaches the south corridor, and finds a pit trap and another door, that seems to head to the same room the mummies are in.
The Elf searches the yellow room for treasure, and finds a whopping 300 gold coins! Then she runs after the Dwarf, to rub in the good news.
The mummies slowly walk towards the Wizard, who is seeing very pale now, but they can only walk 4 steps a turn.
The Barbarian tells the Wizard to get behind him, as he blocks the secret entrance to the room.
The Dwarf tries to disarm the pit trap, but rolls a black skull, and falls in while disabling the trap.
The Elf walks ahead towards the door.
The mummies advance, but stay clear of the mighty Barbarian. So the Barbarian waits patiently for them to get close enough…
The Wizard uses a Fireball on a mummy, who burns away.
The Dwarf opens the door to the mummie-room, and steps back to let the Elf fire her crossbow.
She does, but the mummy rolls 3 defence, and takes no damage.
The mummy hides behind the edge of the wall, so the Elf can’t see him from the corridor.
The Barbarian walks into the treasure room, and attacks the mummy there. He kills it successfully, so the Wizard walks in as well, and inspects the chest for traps. There are none.
The Dwarf rolls 12 steps, and seeing his chance, he runs towards the treasure chest, completely ignoring the possibility of traps in the mummy-room, and the last remaining mummy, and searches for treasure. He finds 200 gold!
“Nice”, says the Elf, who is left behind with the mummy. She walks into the room, and kills the mummy with her bow.
There’sa nother door here, but she waits for the rest to arrive first.
The Barbarian searches the treasure chest room for treasure, and finds the Elven cloak of Passage, which he hands to the Elf.
The Wizard takes the potion of health +2 the Dwarf still has from his last quest, just in case he needs it.
As the Dwarf sheepishly walks back to the Elf, she opens the next door, and sees a fireplace, with another mummie and 2 chaos warriors!
She fires her bow at a chaos warrior, but misses.
The mummy walks to the Elf, and hits her for one body point of damage.
The Warrior only rolls 3 steps, so the Wizard walks in, next to the Elf, and hits the mummy with his staff, killing it.
The Elf steps back a bit and fires diagonally at a chaos warrior, but it sees the attack coming and blocks. Now both warriors walk out, and one attacks the Wizard, taking away another body point, reducing him to 1 body point!
The other warrior attacks the Dwarf, and also scores 1 hit.
The Barbarian uses a potion of Strength, allowing him to roll 2 additional dice in attack. He rolls 4 skulls versus a chaos warrior, and it is killed.
The Wizard uses his staff against the second chaos warrior, but he is blocked. He takes refuge behind the Dwarf.
The Dwarf now attacks the last chaos warrior, and manages 3 hits, and the warrior can only block one, so it dies. The Dwarf steps into the room with the fireplace.
The Elf walks in as well, searches for treasure, and finds 2 bags with some Dust of Disappearance on the fireplace. She hands one bag to the Dwarf and one to the Wizard, as she already has a handy cloak of passage.
The Barbarian searches the mummy-room for treasure and finds a potion of healing.
The Wizard searches the room with the fireplace for traps, but finds nothing.
The Dwarf opens the door into the corridor, and searches the first tile for traps, but finds that it is safe to step out.
The heroes decide to go back to see what’s in the northern and southern corridors. They find a door on each side in the northwestern en southwestern corners, but both doors turn out to be fake doors, and cannot be opened. Carefully searching every room and hallway they encounter, they disable a few speartraps and find 50 more gold, but aside from that, nothing interesting happens, so they all head for the exit.
What will await our friends next time? Stay tuned for more Saturday Night Dungeon!

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