Another weekend has passed, and another quest has been played. This time it was the last quest from Kellar’s Keep: Grin’s Crag.

As usual, the Barbarian takes the lead, going in carefully and checking for traps. He finds none, so the Wizard follows him in, and takes up his position next to the first door, so he can attack diagonally.
The Dwarf heads up to the door, ready to open it on the next turn. The Elf gets behind him, in case the dwarf needs to run in or out, so she can shoot her crossbow.
The Barbarian walks up to the others, opening the door as he passes the dwarf, looking in to decide if he should run inside, or take his position next to the Dwarf.
The room is full of enemies, so the Barbarian takes the safe road, and waits outside. The rest skip their turns, waiting for the enemies to engage.
A goblin runs up and attacks the Dwarf, but misses!
The Wizard swings his staff, and hits the goblin for one point of damage which it cannot deflect, and it dies. The Dwarf moves out of the way so the Elf can shoot at the fimir inside. She takes the shot, and successfully kills the fiend.
A second goblin decides the elf must be taken down, so it runs up and does 1 damage to the Elf. Another goblin pursues to aid his comrade.
Of course the Barbarian immediately swings his sword at the wretch, and kills it rolling two skulls.
The Wizard tries to hit the second goblin standing just inside the doorway, but misses. The Elf next kills it with her crossbow, leaving 2 orcs and 2 goblins.
One of the orcs runs out to attack the Barbarian, and rolls 3 skulls. The Barbarian quickly gulps down a potion for extra defense, and rolls 5 dice. He manages only 2 white shields, so the Barbarian takes 1 damage. He immediately gets his revenge though, killing the orc with a 2 vs 1 roll.
The Dwarf now feels safe enough to run inside, and attacks an orc with Orc’s Bane, and easily kills it. The Elf can now walk in and take aim at one of the 2 remaining goblins, and also kills it.
The last goblin is so panicked, he runs for the weakest Hero, the Wizard, but misses him. Without delay, the Barbarian chops off it’s tiny head, so the Wizard can search the room for hidden traps. He finds nothing.
The Dwarf is ready for more, so he enters the second room, but seeing no enemies, he searches for hidden traps as well, but also finds none.
The Elf searches room one for treasure, and finds 25 gold hidden away. Hurray! She follows the Dwarf to the next room.
Now the Barbarian enters the room, and seeing the weapons rack, decides to look for treasure. He finds a long lost artifact, the Talisman of Lore! It adds two points of intelligence to his stats, which in his case was highly needed.
The Wizard follows the rest, and the Dwarf opens the door to the next hallway. He searches but finds no traps outside the door. The Elf steps out into the hallway, and searches the rest of the hallway for traps or hidden doors, but finds nothing.
The Barbarian, with his newfound intelligence, decides it might be prudent to search the next room before heading into the corridor again, so he opens the door and finds some greenskins at a dining table.
He immediately runs up to the first orc he sees, and kills it. The Wizard stays with him, in case of emergencies.
The Dwarf follows the Elf, and checks the next corner, looking for more traps in the corridor ahead. Still nothing.
The Elf passes the Dwarf, feeling confident the other two Heroes can deal with the remaining greenskins.
Another goblin strikes at the Barbarian, nibbling away another body point. Obviously, it is the last mistake it ever made, as the Barbarian stabs it through the chest with his sword. He takes a step towards another goblin, so the Wizard can get next to him, and use his staff.
Meanwhile, the Dwarf and the Elf venture ahead into the unknown.
The second goblin in this room attacks the Barbarian, and rolls 2 skulls! But the Barbarian laughs at the little creature’s feeble attempt, and shrugs off the attack with 4 white shields. “Puny goblin!” he laughs, and strikes back for one skull worth of damage. But what’s this? The ugly little thing blocks the attack! The Wizard can’t hide his grin, but helps out, and smacks the goblin on the head with his staff, splitting it’s tiny skull.
Meanwhile, the Dwarf spots 2 new doors and an orc around a bend in the hallway. He does have enough movement left to reach it, but fearing traps, he lets the Elf shoot it from afar. She manages to kill it, so the next turn they can look for traps.
The remaining orc in the dining room attacks the Barbarian, and strikes him for 3 skulls, but the Barbarian fails to defend them, and takes 3 damage!
Infuriated, he slashes his sword onto the orc’s head, and kills it. The Wizard uses a healing earth spell to heal the Barbarian back to 7 health, and heads for the other Heroes.
The Dwarf finds no traps in the hallway, and the Elf (who doesn’t want to wait for the others) opens the first door. She lets out a little shriek as the stands face to face with a chaos warrior commanding a group of 4 orcs, 4 goblins and a fimir!
She fires her crossbow at the chaos warrior, but misses! One of the goblins is ordered to attack the Elf, and it strikes for 1 point of damage.
The Barbarian and the Wizard run along the corridor to aid the others. The Wizard decides to use his Genie spell on the chaos warrior, and manages 3 skulls versus zero black shields. The evil warrior is dead! The Elf steps back to make room for the others.
Two goblins run out to attack the Elf and the Dwarf. The first one misses the Elf, but the second one rolls 2 skulls versus the Dwarf, who can only block one, so he suffers another body point of damage.
While the Barbarian catches up with the rest, the Wizard manages to attack the second goblin with his staff, and scores a solid hit, killing it. The Dwarf then takes revenge on the first goblin, and manages to kill it with a single blow too.
Now the Elf steps back in front of the door, and fires her crossbow straight ahead at the orc in red, who flops down onto the floor with a crossbow bolt in his eye.
Another goblin attacks the Elf, and rolls 2 skulls, but the Elf deftly defends with three white shields.
The Wizard sees his chance, and standing next to the Elf, he kills the little monster with his staff.
The Dwarf waits while the Elf shoots her crossbow again, this time at the fimir, who can only ward off one of the two hits she scores, and it dies.
The Elf steps away from the door, but now an orc rushes after her, and outside, he attacks the Wizard, scoring one point of damage.
He attacks back, and with two skulls he kills the evil creature.
Next, the Dwarf heads into the room, and slays another orc, followed by the Elf, who shoots another orc, but this one manages to dodge the crossbow bolt, and survives.
Now the orcs retaliate! One orc attacks the Dwarf, doing 2 points of damage, leaving the Dwarf at 4 body points. The last goblin attacks the Elf, but again, she manages to ward off its attack, and takes no damage.

The Barbarian has rejoined the group, and runs inside to kill the last goblin. Seeing the other in control of the situation, the Wizard heads towards the next door. The Dwarf kills the last orc, and after the Elf searches for traps and hidden doors, she heads out.
The Barbarian searches for treasure in the room and finds a potion that will grant him +2 defense dice.
He walks towards the next room, and after listening for grunts or other sounds, he hears nothing and opens the door. It is empty save for an alchemists bench.
The Wizard searches for traps here, but finds nothing. The Dwarf follows them and finds 100 gold pieces in the alchemists table.
While the Elf enters the room, the Barbarian heads for the next room, and searches the room for traps. He finds none. The Wizard sees a chest, and also searches it for any hidden traps. It turns out to be safe, so the Dwarf opens it and finds another 250 gold pieces.
The Elf walks out, and heads for the next corner. She spots an orc standing there, so she fires her crossbow and kills it.
The Barbarian searches the cupboard, but finds nothing, so he heads out after the Elf.
The others follow, and the Elf searches the next corridor for traps. At the next corner she spots another orc.
It immediately attacks the Elf, rolling 2 skulls, but the Elf fortunately rolls 2 defense, so she blocks the attack.
As the others walk on to catch up with her, the Elf takes a step back so she can fire her crossbow at the orc. She shoots and scores a solid hit, and the orc lies died!
As the Barbarian enters the wider corridor, he looks for traps, and again finds nothing. Confident the exit is near, the others head on through the corridor into the next. At the last corner, they spot the exit door, and another search reveals no traps.
“This is too easy!” says the Wizard. Wearily they walk on, suspecting an ambush…
Just as the Elf almost reaches the door, a loud roar is heard. Suddenly, a big gargoyle jumps from an alcove, and lands in the middle of our heroes!
It attacks the Elf, but only rolls 1 skull, which the Elf manages to block with 1 white shield.
The Barbarian attacks it but misses completely!
The Wizard cannot cast any spells at this monster, as it is immune, and the Dwarf cannot reach it.
So the Elf takes a step back, and uses a potion that grants het 2 extra attack dice. She rolls 5 dice, and scores 4 skulls.
The Gargoyle rolls 5 dice as well, but only rolls 1 black shield. He takes 3 damage, which happens to be exactly it’s amount of body points, and it crumbles to dust.

The door ahead magically opens, and once again our brave Heroes escape the dungeon.

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