More adventures from our brave Heroes today! This time they venture into Belorn’s Mine. (read the previous adventure here)

As usual, the Barbarian enters the new corridor carefully, searching for traps. He finds two spots where the ceiling is about to collapse, so they need to proceed carefully, lest they be seperated from the group, or worse, be crushed by a falling boulder!
The Elf opens the nearest door and finds some undead in a small room. She shoots at a skeleton, but it dodges the crossbow bolt and survives the attack.
The Dwarf heads on in, and hacks the skeleton to bits. But now the mummy in the room attacks the Dwarf, but he manages to defend against the attack and suffers no damage.
The Barbarian takes on the mummy next, and with his Spirit Blade hits for 3 points of damage, which the mummy can’t defend against, and so it too is defeated.
The Wizard looks for traps, but finds none. The Elf finds 25 gold hidden under the table, and the Dwarf heads for the first unstable ceiling, and makes sure it will not collapse.
The next turn the Heroes walk on through the corridor, and the Dwarf notices a group of greenskins who were looking for gold in the mines. He hasn’t got enough movement left to attack one, so a goblin runs at him, and rolls one skull. The Dwarf defends with one white shield, and no damage is done.
The Barbarian searches for traps, and spots another falling block trap in the ceiling. The Wizard rolls a 3 for movement, so he doesn’t get very far. The Elf walks into the side corridor.
The Dwarf takes a swing at the goblin standing in front of him, but misses! The goblin retreats, and the rest is too surprised to attack in the narrow corridor.
The Barbarian and the Wizard follow the Elf, who successfully uses her tool kit to disarm the falling block trap.
The Dwarf follows the greenskins, but fails to hit a goblin. It turns around and attacks back, and manages to deal 2 damage to the dwarf.
The Barbarian and Wizard keep following the Elf, who is searching the next mineshaft for traps. She finds several weak spots. The Dwarf now kills the goblin that cost him two body points, and the next goblin attacks back, but misses.
As the other Heroes navigate through the corridor with the unstable ceiling, the Dwarf kills the second goblin.
But now a big fimir attacks the Dwarf, rolling 2 skulls, which the Dwarf doesn’t block, so he loses another 2 body points.
The Barbarian decides to head back to hand the Dwarf one of his healing potions. The Wizard and the Elf head on, to assist the Dwarf with the greenskins, but don’t get very far due to low movement rolls.
The Dwarf misses an attack against the fimir, and decides to run for it. One of the orcs hears something coming from behind, so he walks back to investigate, and spots the Wizard.
The Barbarian hands the Dwarf a healing potion, which he drinks right away, restoring his health.
The Wizard chickens out and heads back to cower behind the Elf and her crossbow. She shoots at the orc, but it blocks the attack and lives!
The Dwarf, now having refound his strenght, runs up to the fimir, and rolls one skull. The fimir blocks it easily, and attacks back, rolling three skulls. The Dwarf blocks with 2 shields, and loses another body point.
The orc near the Elf attacks the Elf, but misses.
The Barbarian and Wizard await an opportunity to help, so the Elf steps back a square to shoot at the orc, but misses as well.
The Dwarf rolls 1 skull against the fimir, but it cannot defend, so it dies. The Dwarf takes position behind the large Barbarian, so he can attack on his next turn.
The orc standing in front of the Barbarian attacks for two skulls, but the Barbarian laughs it off with 3 white shields. The second orc again attacks the Elf but misses once more.
The Barbarian utterly slays the unfortunate orc, and the Wizard takes another step back to give the Elf more room.
She fires at the orc again, and kills it!
The Dwarf kills the last orc, and takes position in front of another door.
The Barbarian and the Wizard head towards the Dwarf and the new room as well, and the Elf tries to get rid of a falling block trap, but fails! She takes one damage and the cave-in blocks the way.
The Dwarf now opens the door, walks up to a lonely orc standing guard in front of a trapdoor, and kills it.
In the next round there’s some walking around and the Dwarf looks for traps, but finds none, except the trapdoor, which apparently leads to a tunnel into another room.
The Barbarian ands the Wizard decide to take another direction, and head back. The Elf finds some gold in the room, and heads into the tunnel.
She moves carefully, avoiding the sharp rocks, and comes out unharmed in another room. She fires at a surprised orc who’s standing there, and kills it.
The Dwarf follows the Elf, and also takes no damage in the treacherous tunnel. He searches for traps in the next room, but finds nothing.
The Barbarian and the Wizard are wasting time walking all the way back for a couple of turns.
The Elf exits the room, and shoots the unsuspecting orc in the corridor down.
The Dwarf searches for traps in the corridor, but finds nothing again.
While the Elf walks on into the mines, the Dwarf manages to get rid of another block trap, clearing the way.
The Elf has walked in, finding a few falling block traps, but being carefull not to trigger them, and sees another door. The Dwarf is behind her, and the Barbarian and the Wizard finally catch up with them.
The Elf opens the door, and immediately fires her crossbow at a mummy standing there. It slumps to the floor as it dies for good.
The Dwarf takes out the skeleton zombie that’s in the corner. While the Barbarian and the Wizard reach the room, the Elf searches for traps, but finds none. The Dwarf looks for treasure, and finds a healing potion!
He then opens the next door, and finds more undead. A skeleton attacks him and he takes one body point.
The Wizard positions himself next to the Dwarf, and uses his staff to whack the skeleton, who falls apart by the blow.
Two zombies remain, and the Elf takes out the first with a well aimed crossbow shot.
The Dwarf attacks the last zombie, but misses it!
The slow zombie takes a swing at the Elf, and rolls 2 skulls. The Elf rolls only one white shield, and suffers 1 point of damage.
The Barbarian decides the room is too crowded, and heads out another door into the next mineshaft.
The Elf remembers she has two vials of holy water, and throws one at the zombie, who dies screaming.
The Dwarf finds 10 gold in the room. The Barbarian spots a skeleton, walking away fro him. He persues it, and the Wizard follows him close behind. The Elf rolls more movement points though, and passes them all, firing a crossbow bolt at the skeleton, who falls apart.
Having looked for traps, but finding none, the Heroes head for one last door, a bit back in the corridor.
The Barbarian opens the door, and spots three treasure chests. “Loot!” he thinks, but carefully stops at the first tile to look for traps first. He finds three pit traps surrounding him!
The Elf disarms one pit trap, and the party searches the chests for treasure and find 200 gold in each one!
A lot richer and very pleased with themselves, the party heads out, to see what awaits them in the next adventure.

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