Another new adventure awaits our Heroes! The Dwarf has been patched up, and given new equipment, and another Wizard has joined the group, with a brand new staff, making a serious dent in the party’s finances. Worst of all, Orc’s Bane has been lost.
Our Barbarian opens the door to the Eastern Passage, and spots a goblin. His movement roll is insufficient to get near him, so he waits at the intersection behind the entrance, so he can search for traps in two directions. But another goblin in the western corridor prevents that for now.
The Wizard rolls just enough to get to a square diagonal to the first goblin, and strikes with his staff. He instantly proves his worth, and kills the goblin with a fell blow to the head.
The Elf passes the Barbarian, and shoots a crossbow bolt at the other goblin but misses.
The goblin attacks the Elf, and rolls 2 skulls. The Elf can only block one blow, and suffers 1 damage.
The Barbarian searches the north corridor for traps, and heads north. The Wizard goes along and searches the next corner for traps, and also finds none. The Elf now manages to kill the goblin, and the Dwarf passes her and opens the door to the next room, and finds 3 goblins inside. He attacks one, but misses completely.
The first goblin hits the Dwarf for 2 damage. The second one hits as well, but the Dwarf blocks his attack. The third attacks the Elf, but misses. A fourth new goblin runs out of a side corridor near the Wizard, and attacks him but misses.
The Wizard attacks back, but misses. He decides to join the Elf and Dwarf in the new room. The Elf and the Dwarf manage to each kill one goblin. The remaining goblin attacks the Dwarf, but he parries and blocks the attack. The goblin near the Barbarian makes a feeble attack and misses. The Barbarian kills the goblin that ambushed the Wizard.
The Wizard reaches the Elf and Dwarf, and even manages to kill the last goblin in the room. The Elf searches for traps, but finds none. The Dwarf then finds 50 gold in the bookcase, and opens another door, reveiling a small room with a chest in it.
To make sure there are no traps, the Wizard searches the small room. The Elf opens the chest and finds the last piece of Grin’s stone map.
The adventurers are not sure of they should return to the Barbarian or continue along the corridor. The Dwarf somehow feels the need to continue, and the Barbarian seems to be doing well, so the rest follows the Dwarf.
The Barbarian meanwhile has searched an empty room for traps, but finds none. He does find a potion of Speed. The next room only holds a table, no traps. Perhaps his next trun will reveal some treasure here as well…
The swift Elf reaches another room before the Dwarf and the Wizard, and opens the door. She finds two orcs and a fimir inside. She runs in, and positions herself to shoot at the fimir, but misses! The Dwarf tries to catch up and help the Elf.
One orc attacks the Dwarf just outside the room, and rolls two skulls, but the Dwarf manages to block both hits. The second orc attacks the Elf, and does two damage!
The Barbarian meanwhile had the time to search for treasure, and finds a wandering monster: a Chaos warrior, who rolls 1 skull, but the Barbarian easily blocks the attack.
The Wizard helps out by casting Fire of Wrath on the Fimir, and succesfully kills it.
The Elf shoots at an orc and rolls 2 skulls. The orc only manages to roll 1 black shield, so he dies.
The Dwarf takes position in front of the door, to take on the monsters one at a time, and the Elf takes refuge behind him. Without much trouble, he kills the last orc, and walks into the room with the weapons rack.
Meanwhile, the Chaos warrior does 1 damage to the Barbarian. Next, the Barbarian misses an attack against the Chaos Warrior. The Wizard searches the weapons room for traps, but finds none.
It turns out the orcs in the room were from the same clan that knocked him down in the previous quest, and they have taken his most precious item here: Orc’s Bane is found again!
Again, the Chaos Warrior strikes at the Barbarian with 2 skulls, but the Barbarian manages to roll 2 white shields and blocks the attack. He immediately strikes back, but misses again rolling three black shields! Anger is welling up in the Barbarian, and he cries out to his wargod for strength.
While the other three Heroes are heading back, the Chaos Warrior attacks again, and rolls another two skulls. Again, the Barbarian blocks both hits. Enraged, the Barbarian manages to strike one blow, but the Chaos warrior easily blocks it. Both warriors are getting weary with the fight, and their movement is getting slower.
The Wizard, Elf and Dwarf need another turn to walk all the way back, and the Chaos Warrior rolls another two skulls, but the Barbarian rolls three white shields, and blocks again.
Now the Barbarian has had enough, and heaves his sword with all his might, striking for one damage. The Chaos Warrior has been exhausted by the fight, and cannot block the attack, and is finally killed.
The next corridor reveals an exit! The Barbarian calls for his friends. The Wizard casts Pass Through Rock on the Elf, so she can join the Barbarian quickly, and she searches for traps, finding a pit trap right in front of her feet.
Finding nothing else here, they decide to go and explore some more before heading out first.
And so the Dwarf heads for another door, and finds a host of orcs and goblins inside, lead by their leader named Ograk. “Good thing I have Orc’s Bane!” the Dwarf shouts, and takes up position at the door again.
The Barbarian and the Elf head for the room as well.
The Wizard proves his worth once again with a Genie spell that utterly slays Ograk even before he’s had a chance to attack.
The Dwarf kills a goblin, who rushed at him first, and then takes up position down the hall, so the Wizard can lend a hand with his handy staff.
The dumb orcs rush after him, and the first one falls dead shortly after. The Elf grows impatient and uses her Veil of Mist spell to pass through the orc room, and enters the next room. One goblin notices the door opening, and heads in to check what’s going on. The Elf takes one step back and fires her crossbow at the unfortunate goblin, who dies.
Meanwhile, the others manage to kill the remaining orcs, except one, who runs after the Elf. With the forst room clear, the Barbarian searches for hidden traps and doors, and finds a conceiled room with more orcs and fimirs!
They decide on using the same tactic, and the Dwarf heads for the door, with the Wizard next to him. The Wizard decides to cast Stone Skin on the Dwarf.
The Elf is cornered by the orc that chased her, and fails to hit him with her bow. So the Barbarian, who can’t aid the Dwarf at this point, heads for the Elf, and kills the orc from behind.
Both enter the next room, and search it for traps, finding 2 pit traps blocking another door. Fortunately the Elf has a tool kit, and succesfully disables one pit trap. The trigger clicks and the trapped tile slides back in place. The Barbarian searches the room for treasure and finds another Potion of Speed.
The Barbarian enters the next corridor, and spots a Chaos warrior at the far side, guarding another exit. The Elf steps in front of the Barbarian, and fires a well aimed shot, killing the Chaos warrior.
“Nice shot!” says the Barbarian. “I think we found our exit” says the Elf, “let’s go get the rest”.
Meanwhile, the Dwarf and Wizard are down to the last orc and fimir, and the Wizard has had to use one healing spell on the dwarf.
The Barbarian finds another door along the corridor, and suspects this might be a shortcut to the Dwarf and Wizard. More orcs and fimir await inside.
While the Barbarian fights the first fimir, the Dwarf and Wizard clear the red room, search for traps and treasure, but find a hidden trap that hits the Dwarf for 1 damage.
A small hallway with a goblin leads to the room with the fimir.
A few turns later all enemies are slain, and our Heroes head for the exit, a few body points lower on health, but happy to have finished this quest successfully. The Barbarian finds a Potion of Resilience in the last room.
Now to figure out where this strange map will lead our Heroes! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures!

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