Our Heroes have recovered from the frightening Conga Line of Death from the last adventure, so they head for the next quest: the Great Citadel!

First through the door is the Barbarian, then the Wizard. Both roll too little to reach the orc waiting at the tend of the hallway, but the Elf walks in and fires her crossbow, killing the orc.
The Dwarf then walks to the left door in the hallway, and opens it.
Four goblins are playing cards at a table, and head for the door as the Dwarf opens it. With one move left, he walks in but misses the first goblin.
The goblins attack the Dwarf, and he takes some damage. The Barbarian patiently waits his opportunity, but the Wizard uses his long staff to knock down one goblin that’s behind the Dwarf.
The Dwarf attacks, but misses again!
The Elf casts Pass Through Rock on herself and walks into the room from behind the unsuspecting goblins.
After the Dwarf blocks an attack from a goblin, the Wizard attacks another goblin, but the creature manages to block his swing. The Elf shoots one goblin, and positions herself for the next turn.
Together they finish off the last goblins, and find some gold on the table. On to the next room!
The Barbarian enters and searches for traps, but finds none. The Elf finds another piece of Grin’s stone map in the chest!
The Barbarian and the Dwarf take a look in the next room, and find an alchemists bench with an orc and a goblin. They easily dispose of the greenskins, and the party decides to check out the room on the other side of the main corridor.

The first room is empty, but the next one is a torture chamber, with two goblins cleaning up some blood on the floor.
The Elf walks in and shoots one of them down.
The Dwarf is lagging behind, so the second goblin runs at the Wizard and attacks.
The Wizard takes 2 damage! Enraged, the Barbarian strikes it down.
Searching for traps reveals nothing, but they do find some gold.
There’s still a door left in the corridor, so the party decides to go there first before heading in further into the citadel.
The room holds an orc and a goblin, next to a weapons rack. The Barbarian and the Dwarf head in, and kill the greenskins. The weapons on the rack are useless though, and they find no traps. Searching for treasure reveals a flask of holy water.
Meanwhile, the Elf ventures the other way, to see what’s behind the corner.
She finds a group of goblins, an orc and a fimir. She shoots the fimir, and it dies. Expecting the goblins to rush at her, she takes some distance so she can fire her crossbow again.
But the brave Dwarf already steps in, and starts killing some goblins.
The Wizard and the Barbarian decide to use the time the Dwarf needs to get rid of the goblins to explore the corridors further.
This turns out to be a bad idea, as the Wizard spots two fimir!
He realises he has to get the heel out of there, so he casts Fire of Wrath on one, killing it, and hopes he can survive his next turn, so he can flee.
Meanwhile, the Dwarf is down to just one more goblin, but he has taken some damage in the battle.
The Barbarian wants to help the Wizard, but he’s headed off by a quick goblin! “Damnit!” he yells, but has no choice but to try and kill it, and run as fast as he can to aid the Wizard.
The Barbarian kills the goblin, but fails to reach the fimir in time.
The Wizard rolls a movement of 3, and sees his impending doom. In his panic, he completely forgets his spells, and the fimir manages to roll 2 skulls, which the Wizard completely fails to defend against, and he dies!
“Oh man, not again!” the Barbarian pouts, and he runs at the fimir. But at the corner of the hallway, he sees a whole army of goblins, orcs and another fimir, guarding what appears to be the exit!
“Bugger me!” he thinks, and quickly kills the fimir that killed the Wizard.
The Elf meanwhile kills another goblin, and heads toward the exit, to try and find a strategy with the Barbarian.
The Dwarf kills the last orc, but is down to 2 body points.
One brave orc attacks the Barbarian, who takes some damage, but gets slain on the next turn.
The Barbarian heads west, to give the Elf the opportunity to shoot from the corner on the east side. He lures an orc toward the corridor where the Dwarf has arrived, and both attempt to kill it.
They manage to kill a few orcs, who have followed the first one, and the Elf kills a goblin.
Still many greenskins are left, and without the Wizard, things are getting dangerous…
The Dwarf is taking on a lot of damage, and misses many attacks. His rolls are horrible!
Fortunately, the Elf manages to shoot another goblin, and the Dwarf finally kills the last fimir.
But suddenly, an orc steps up, and threatens to attack the dwarf, who is in need of healing badly!
“Crap!” the Barbarian shouts, as he realises he might not be in time to save the Dwarf. He runs and runs, but gets there too late! The dwarf kicks the bucket…
“NOOOOOO!!!” the Barbarian shouts, and thrusts his broadsword in the orc’s back.
“This is bad… real bad” the Elf sighs, and decides to head straight out.
The barbarian is enraged, and refuses to leave, without getting something good to take with him.
He decides to take a peek in the central chamber, and finds more orcs and a fimir.
He then bashes in a particularly strong door, and searches for traps and hidden doors. He finds a stuffy room with a chest, and inside he finds two healing potions!
He grabs the potions, and runs after the Elf, figuring this is the best he can hope for, and so the disastrous quest ends…

Stay tuned for more adventures!

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