Na het laatste avontuur in de Dwergensmidse zijn onze helden beland in de Hal der Dwergenvorsten.
Aangezien alle HeroQuest avonturen sinds kort ook op een internationaal HeroQuest blog te lezen zijn, zal ik de verslagen in het Engels maken vanaf nu.

from our 4 brave Heroes! After the last succesfull journey through the Dwarven Forge, our Heroes have ventured into the Dwarven Halls. A long corridor lies before them, so they carefully venture in, and check for traps, but find none.
Barely around the first corner, the door behind them opens, and four monsters rush in! “What’s this!?” the Barbarian shouts, and takes a peek back around the corner. “Incoming!” he yells at the others, and takes a defensive position. While the others decide what to do about the new threat, the door opens again, and 4 more monsters run in!
“It seems we have company” says the Dwarf, “what shall we do?” “You go on ahead and find the exit, while I hold them off one at a time!” the Barbarian yells, as he heads off around the corner to stop the oncoming horde.
“Let’s be quick about this” the Elf says, and opens the door into the central chamber, where a large tomb is placed in the center.
“This must be Belorn’s tomb” the Dwarf whispers. All of a sudden, all the doors in the room open, and 4 skeletons and a zombie appear!
Meanwhile, the barbarian is taking blow after blow from a lowly goblin, who’s unfortunate enough to be at the front of the ever growing line of monsters. He’s decided not to attack the poor goblin, as that might result in meaner monsters to jump in front of him.
The other Heroes decide it’s probably best to take the undead out quickly, so they can search for hidden exits, and get out of there quickly, before the Barbarian is overrun.
So they start attacking the undead, and one by one, they are defeated. But the fighting is taking a while, as our Heroes manage to miss a couple of times, and the Wizard is forced to use some of his spells. He puts the zombie to sleep, who cannot defend against sleep, as it has 0 mind points, and the Elf shoots it down with her crossbow.
Meanwhile, the line of monsters, which is now dubbed the “conga line of death” continues to grow and grow, slowly nibbling away at the Barbarian’s health.
The Heroes search the tomb chamber for hidden doors and traps, but find none.
“I think we need to search every alcove seperately” says the Wizard, and a couple of turns, and a large amount of eager monsters waiting in line later, the Elf manages to find a hidden door.
“We found an exit!” she shouts, and the Barbarian takes this as his que to start running.
The first chamber reveals nothing of interest, and the Elf and Dwarf venture on to the next room. The Barbarian is rolling low numbers, and can’t outrun the monsters, so the Wizard decides to head back and help him with a Genie spell, and a Swift Wind spell as soon as the Barbarian is in his sight.
A disappointed growl eminates from beyond the entrance door, where a whole gathering of monsters is taking place.
The Elf meanwhile finds another piece of Grin’s stone map in a chest, and the Dwarf finds the exit, guarded by one single goblin.
“Too easy” the Dwarf says, and disposes of it quickly.
He gallantly holds the door for the Elf, and meanwhile the Wizard casts Swift Wind on the Barbarian, and heads for the exit.
Finally the Barbarian can outrun the angry mob, and flees.
But the mob still presses on, and still more monsters are lining up in the conga line of death.
My wife, the DM, is having a blast.
The Barbarian manages to find some treasure along the way, and both he and the Wizard run for the exit, the greenskins close behind.
Without any more Heroes to hassle, the monsters decide to have a party.
The Heroes firmly close and barricade the exit door, and head for their next adventure.

Stay tuned!!

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