Castle TriCon 2020


Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, actual live conventions are impossible. Fortunately, event organizers and publishers have teamed up and created several online events. One of these was Castle TriCon, a convention normally held at a different German castle ech year. This time, the organizers Horrible Guild, Heidelbär and CGE have built a virtual world in which visitors could walk, run and even FLY around, and take part in demos of their latest games. A few impressions:

Brussels Games Festival 2018


On August 25th I visited the Brussels Games Festival for the first time. It was a great event at a beautiful location, the Jubelpark. It’s an outdoor event and fortunately we had great weather (just one little bit of rain), and the parking and entrance were FREE! Amazing!
Lots of friendly people, and many new games and new to me publishers from Belgium and France. French publishers don’t always go international, so this was a nice opportunity to check out some games that don’t get as much attention as English ones.

Here’s my report with some interviews:

Zuiderspel 2018


Foto’s van Zuiderspel 2018, en een videoreportage. Het was weer gezellig, en er waren veel leuke nieuwtjes om te proberen.

Carnaval 2018 Maastricht


Pictures of carnaval 2018 in Maastricht!




Warhammer Quest


I recently acquired a good looking copy of WHQ. That’s Warhammer Quest… Yessir. It even included the 3 treasure packs and the Lair of the Orc Lord expansion!
Before you faint or start hating me, stuff was missing. Basegame was complete but for 1 treasure card (a ring of healing I believe), and a treasure card from one of the packs. Also all the Room treasure cards were missing from all 3 packs strangely enough…
No Squig mini present, and no tiles from the Orc Lord either. Also I found 5 booklets and cards for 5 other heroes, but sadly no miniatures… Will have to proxy them. It seems there are cards in here of 3 base games, yet only enough minis for 1 set, and 1 set of tiles.
But the rest looks amazingly well kept. Except for the box, that was patched up with brown packing tape! That will not do! So I started my restoration:

Tabletop Day 2017


Yesterday was Tabletop Day 2017, so we celebrated at café Thembi with LOTS of games!!

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